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Very cool game. Was it intentional to make Glad0s look thicc?


Yes!, haha, glad you noticed!

Great job! Short and sweet.


It would be nice if you could tell me how to get to the cake in test 1. I really like the portal franchise and you have done a perfect job of replecating that same experience. Pls show me how to reach the cake! Thanks!

It's on the 9th level, you'll go up and just straight can use the spider to wall climb at the beginning of the 9th level.


It would be a lot nicer if it didn't stop you when GLaDOS talks. Also, if crawling up a wall to a corner automatically made you move onto the corner, instead of you having to jump.

That would be nice.

I did, but the audio would layer its dialogue when the player finishes the level quickly, and if I just made it stop It wouldn't make sense, and yes, the wall climbing is kind of a broken for now, I'll probably fix that, no promises. 

Okey dokey!