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They're yours now ;)

Fun game, and an excellent brain workout.

Love the art, don't like the suggestive wink at the end though...


she's your alien now, ๐Ÿฅด๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜…

I love your work! Every game of yours I've played has a unique reason to keep playing. This one is so creative. Your art and animations are great and I love how you put comic book style cut scenes in your games. This was alot of fun as usual!!

That's a nicely polished game, congrats on a great entry! 

I'm leaving here a link to our game as you asked, cheers!

Thanks!, done rating it, really pity, I couldn't guess what need to be clicked, the game is just full of polished!, but somehow I can't get through it. sorry :C

You need to listen to the hints hidden in the voice, don't rush yourself and listen carefully, it's a puzzle but really short if you get it ;) Thanks for playing, cheers ;)

is the grandma knitting supposed to be the dress?

Not exactly the dress, but definitely sth made of fabric ;) Good thinking though!

I'm truly amazed amazed, Artwork and Animations, Idea and Gameplay.

Big respect <3


amazing art and un game play , i also really like the vibe of the game, continue like that!


Amazing art and fun gameplay!


You should made tasks more visible, but evrythin else is just wonderful :)

Really Cool Game!! Love the art especially! Keep the great work up!

This was actually really fun, I could only complete it on minimal, because my memory could only handle one rooms worth of objects. But besides that, the art style looks great and I loved the cursor effect

awesome pixel art man! at first my brain somehow did not understand but that game is funn! love the memory skill game 

Very good design and super nice gameplay!


Thanks!, really appreciated it! XD

Great Idea. I need to train my memoy skills :D

Thanks!, I already rated yours XD

Really great game! Fits the theme perfectly and the style is consistent and nice. Good job!

Thanks! yes for once I got a compliment of being consistent, lol, I'm anxious of how my artwork, glad you liked it!

First off your visuals are amazing like mind blowing good and gameplay was extremely fun. 5 start game for me!!!

Thanks! glad you enjoyed it!

Very nice Visuals, and relaxing gameplay. Very well done, one of the most polished games I played this jam.

Please check mine out and rate!

Thanks, sadly I don't play downloadable games, but a deal is a deal, I rated yours based on the video in the game page, and it really looks astonishing 4/5, something like Return of Obra Dinn graphics, sorry If I can't check it out for myself please understand.

The game was aweeeeeseomeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Id love to see more of your games

Thanks!, yes you can follow my itch page or my yt, I really have a bad addiction to game jams XD

Graphics, anims and polish very nice and juicy! Feedback well done and mini narration at the beginning which works well ! It's not revolutionary but very cute (cryptic victory condition though)

I would love to see more! Congrats ! Great Job !! :D

Thanks!, yeah you can follow my my itch or yt channel, I'm kinda addicted to jams!

I enjoyed this so much! The animation and music is super crisp and satisfying and the gameplay really fits the theme!!

Thanks!, to be honest I just go literal XD


Great Game!


I liked the gameplay a lot!

Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜Š glad you liked it!